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SoftInWay Announces AxSTREAM Hydro

By DE Editors

SoftInWay has released AxSTREAM Hydro, its software for pump design, redesign, analysis and optimization. This software will lead the user through all the necessary steps to provide an integrated and streamlined solution for the complete flow path design process of axial and radial machines.

Starting from preliminary design (defining basic machine performance from a few simple parameters), AxSTREAM Hydro goes through meanline (1D) and axisymmetric (2D) analysis, profiling and 3D blade design of the blades, finite element analysis, finishing with export of the geometry to 3D CAD model or for CFD calculation. Engineers can design the pumps of any power capacity and delivery.

The software includes the capability to optimize passage dimensions and number of blades, as well as flow path meanline analysis and optimization which supports as-designed and off-design operational conditions.

It also includes performance maps generation, 3D airfoil design in automatic and interactive modes with geometric and strength criteria monitoring, and export of airfoils geometry to CAD/CAE programs in IGES, STL and other formats used by Turbogrid (CFX), Gambit (FLUENT) and AutoGrid(NUMECA).

The company has also launched a new Pump Design Training Course.

For more information, visit SoftInWay.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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