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Solid Modeling Software Improved

By DE Editors

Alibre Inc. (Richardson, TX) has released version 9.0 of its flagship3D parametric solid modeling software, Alibre Design. Version9.0 offers a host of new functionality and ease-of-use enhancements aswell as an expanded API for smoother third-party integrations, according to the company.
Among the new capabilities in Alibre Design 9.0 is design-configurationsupport in parts, assemblies, drawings, and BOMs (bills of materials),which enables you to build and manage projects efficiently with avariety of similar parts or assemblies.  You can better exploreand test concepts and show different stages of operation all in asingle model without having to design and manage each variation inseparate files.

Alibre Design 9.0 also has undergone improvements to itsspreadsheet-driven design capability using Excel spreadsheets tosupport Design Configurations, multiple parameter selection and soforth. It also has a number of new tools to suppress/un-suppressassembly constraints and constituents in an assembly workspace. 

›› Alibre Design’s Sheet metal enhancement allows for the creation of enclosures with airtight edges.  


Alibre Design’s 2D Drawing enhancements include support for import andexport of the latest versions of DWG and DXF files. This letstraditional CAD designers convert legacy 2D designs into intelligent 3Dmodels easily, and share precisely generated 2D drawings with partnersusing AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT.

Alibre Design’s sheet metal functionality has been improved withsupport for overlapping flanges, enabling the design of sheet metalenclosures with airtight edges. The new Pattern tool enables creationof more complex user-defined patterns. For example, its expanded palletincludes punch patterns commonly used in sheet metal parts from turretpunch press machines for cooling, weight reduction, and attachment offasteners and connectors.

‹‹ Alibre Design’s new patterndialog enables the creation of parametrically driven patterns withpredefined shapes.

Improvements and enhancements to the Alibre design API opens upadditional opportunities to tightly integrate Alibre Design withvertical applications such CAM, FEA, motion simulation, and reverseengineering as well as into enterprise PLM processes and systems.

Pricing for Alibre Design 9.0 begins at $995. The Professional at $1495builds on that and includes integrated sheet metal design and datamanagement tools plus professional add-on software. At $1795, theDesign Expert includes everything in the 9.0 and Professional versionsas well as additional add-on software for a total design tomanufacturing solution. All versions include built-in real-timecollaboration tools.

For complete details, click here to go to the Alibre website. Clickhere to register for a 30-day free trial of Alibre Design. 9.0.

Sources: Press materials received from the company, meeting with the company, and additional material gleaned from the company website.

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