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SolidCAM Launches SolidCAM2008 R12

By DE Editors

SolidCAM (Seattle, WA) will launch its new version of SolidCAM2008 R12 at the Euromold show, which will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, December 5 to 8, 2007.

The company says SolidCAM2008 R12, with more than 100 new features, will be seamlessly integrated into the 3D CAD mainstream system SolidWorks2008. The single-window user interface and the full associativity between the CAD model and NC toolpath guarantees a short learning curve and an efficient flow from the 3D design model to the machined part.

The new version will provide a complete manufacturing solution with enhanced user friendliness, more integration and automation features, and additional CAM functions.

The new user interface enables Mill operations and a new capability to define user-specific Default templates for parameter settings for all operations. Plus, 3D connexion’s (San Jose, CA) SpaceNavigator mouse is supported as an input device. The new version contains a framework to integrate external application programs. As first examples, the external tool library from Vardex (Nahariya, Israel) and the Tool management system from TDM Systems (Schaumburg, IL) are now linked to SolidCAM2008 R12.

SolidCAM’s automatic feature recognition and machining (AFRM) capability for multiple drills and complex holes now contains a new capability for the AFRM for 2.5D pockets, providing AFRM of multi-level closed and open pockets in a solid model.

SolidCAM2008 R12 offers a new tool table for milling that supports a broader range of Milling-tools. For 2.5D Milling, new operations for the Milling of 3D profiles and T-Slots have been added. The Pocket operation has also been enhanced in the support of open pockets.

The HSM module (see “Smooth Moves,” the review published in DE’s January 2007 by Ann Mazakas about the then-new HSM module in SolidCAM2007 R11) has been enhanced in SolidCAM2008 R12, including use of STL files as input for the generation of High-Speed Machining tool paths. In Simultaneous 5-axis Milling, 12 dedicated operations are now available for tasks including Swarf and Port machining, Electrode milling, Impeller, and Turbine blade machining.

In addition to the existing Turn-Mill capability that supports up to 5-axes (XYZCB), a new capability has been added in SolidCAM2008 R12 to support a new type of Mill-Turn Machines. These machines provide simultaneous 5-axes and multisided milling. In addition, they support turning features to achieve complete machining (milling and turning in a single setup) for heavy and bulky parts.

One focus of the new version is the enhanced simulation capabilities both for solid verification and entire machine simulation. The Solid Verify simulation for 3D Milling, High-Speed machining (HSM) and 5-axis simultaneous milling has been highly accelerated. The machine simulation capability now also supports the Solid Verify mode and, in addition, has been extended to Turning, Turn-Mill, and Mill-Turn applications.

Read an earlier article on SolidCAM’s Version R11.2 , published online September 11, 2007. For further details, go to SolidCAM.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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