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Solido3D Launches the SD300 Pro Desktop 3D Printer

By DE Editors

Solido3D has launched the new SD300 Pro 3D printer at the Euromold 2009 exhibition. The SD300 Pro produces transparent models, hinges, and requires no post build curing.

Solido3D Launches the SD300 Pro Desktop 3D Printer

The company offers three packages: Platinum, Premium, and Gold with options to permit flexibility during the decision-making process. Customers may upgrade from the Premium Plan to the Platinum Value package until Feb. 28, 2010.

“We believe our new product and pricing concept redefines the competitive landscape of the additive manufacturing industry,” says Itzik Marchand, Solido3D CEO. “Our unique bundle of 3D printer and modeling kits significantly reduces total cost of ownership, breaks entry barriers, and will attract new customers to the 3D arena. After years of testing the SD300 Pro at beta sites around the world, I am confident in the quality of our solution and committed to providing our customers with superior service.”

Technological innovations have made the SD300 Pro a faster and more accurate machine than its predecessor at a lower cost to the end user.

Every SD300 Pro modeling kit ships with a prepaid recycling kit, which enables designers and engineers to easily send the PVC waste to the company for free recycling.

DE honored a Solido project in its Change the World Challenge. Read more about the Full-Scale Folding Bike Built on Solido SD300.

For more information, visit Solido3D.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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