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SolidWorks Materials Web Portal Unveiled

By DE Editors

The SolidWorks 2014 software release from Dassault Systemes introduces an internal connection to a brand new SolidWorks Materials Web Portal, which makes traceable, purpose-specific material properties data available to the user community of SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Simulation Premium.

The new SolidWorks Materials Web Portal connects users to the Matereality Global Data Center, a constantly expanding cloud of 100% traceable, simulation-relevant material data, the company says. Data Certificates are published with each dataset. Linear and non-linear material models are supported. Matereality’s CAE Modeler software is used to convert raw material data on the cloud into the inputs for the SolidWorks material models. Users have the ability to add or delete data points and fine-tune the fitted model to optimize their simulation results. Created material models can be downloaded seamlessly to the user’s SolidWorks Simulation software.

“Matereality has had a proven relationship with SolidWorks where it has helped to validate and maintain SolidWorks’ internal material databases for many years now. SolidWorks chose Matereality as its partner in this because of the domain expertise of the DatapointLabs-Matereality group in the science of materials for CAE, which allows SolidWorks to continue to focus on its CAD/CAE core,” said Vajrang Parvate, development director at SolidWorks.

While SolidWorks CAD ships with a standard database of material properties, there is a need to expand this database for the growing SolidWorks Simulation community, the company says. Pre-defined data for more advanced material models are needed, such as fatigue curves, hyperelastic properties of rubber, and viscoelastic data on plastics.

Plastics material suppliers Invista and Ticona have released their data collections as part of a new initiative to bring material suppliers’ data directly into the SolidWorks ecosystem. More data will become available on the SolidWorks Materials Web Portal as additional material suppliers join the program.

For more information, visit Dassault Systemes and Matereality.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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