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Sony Ericsson and Panasonic Partner to Deliver Better Access to Field Technicians

By DE Editors

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (Lund, Sweden), a provider of wireless machine-to-machine technology, said in a press announcement that it has partnered with Panasonic Computer Solutions Company(Secaucus, NJ) to deliver EDGE-Embedded Panasonic rugged notebook PCs.Rugged PCs with wireless access can provide anintegrated mobile platform for instant access to critical customerservice and diagnostic information for field service organizations.

Sony Ericsson provided its GC83 EDGE PC Card to be integrated into thePanasonic Toughbook CF-29 notebook PC.  When using the CingularWireless EDGE network, the notebooks can connect to their corporatedatabases at average speeds of 70 to 135 Kbps. Such speeds mean thenotebooks can download or access critical information such as dispatchorders, customer installation and repair order details, localizedsoftware-based network maps, diagnostics and telephone line testingcapabilities, as well as product information.

Panasonic evaluated the Sony Ericsson EDGE modem using a battery oftests including temperature, vibration. and drop tests. Subsequently,the modem and laptop were tested-both individually and together-byCingular and prospective customers under various conditions to ensureit met their requirements. They also examined the company’s record withemergency services organizations.

For moreinformation, visit sonyericsson.com and panasonic.com.

 Sources: Press materials received from the company

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