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SpaceClaim Announces SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+

By DE Editors

SpaceClaim Corp. (Concord,MA) has announced SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+, the newest version of its 3D direct modeler for engineers and analysts. According to the company, this update offers advances for concept modeling, design review, and simulation applications. Additionally, SpaceClaim 2011+ has been enhanced with new manufacturing capabilities such as NC model preparation, fixture design, mold making, and sheet metal.

New modeling features in SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+ include fill patterns, a standardized hole wizard, clipping regions, and STL curve fitting. CAE, CAM, and IP protection model preparation tools enhancements include an improved Volume Extract tool with leak preview and shrink wrap; missing face detection; and face merging. Among the documentation feature enhancements are hole tables, bolt hole circles, offset cross sections, datum targets, and multi-model drawings. File operations and interoperability support in SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+ have been extended with such capabilities as 2D PDF, DWG polyface mesh color and layer import, AutoRecover, solid STL, and the ability to apply custom materials from Luxion’s KeyShot.

SpaceClaim 2011
This image shows a conceptual sheet metal part redesigned in SpaceClaim
to reduce the number of components from seven to two and the number of
separate fasteners from eighteen to four. Image courtesy of   SpaceClaim Corp.

According to the company, SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+ is designed to assist with creating and editing JT data with PMI, and aid engineers to visualize large data sets, as well as open and edit part geometry. The JT data format, developed by Siemens PLM Software, provides an open environment for 3D data visualization and collaboration. JT has been widely adopted within many manufacturing industries, especially in the automotive sector. SpaceClaim, says its developer, multiplies the value of investment in JT by combining the ease-of-use of a simple viewer with the power of 3D solid modeling previously only available in complex CAD systems designed for dedicated CAD practitioners.

New capabilities and improvements in SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+ intended to address a range of manufacturing applications include NC machining, jig and fixture design, mold manufacturing, and sheet metal manufacturing. Sheet metal capabilities include double wall support, tabs, hinges, gussets, curve wrapping, mirrored parts, and marking. SpaceClaim says that it worked closely with TRUMPF, a global machine tool manufacturer, to develop new sheet metal manufacturing capabilities.

SpaceClaim 2011 also offers improved integration with KeyShot 3D design and visualization software from Luxion. Additionally, SpaceClaim users (version 2011 or later) receive free access to the TraceParts library of over 100 million standard CAD models from leading parts manufacturers.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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