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Spatial Components Provide CAD Translation for Armonicos 3D Inspection Software

By DE Editors

Armonicos Co., Ltd., a CAD/CAM and Computer-Aided Testing (CAT) provider, has recently released the latest version of spGate, a multi-data exchange platform, and spGauge, a 3D inspection solution for industrial products. Both products rely on Spatial Corp.’s 3D InterOp components to provide CAD file translation for data reuse.

Since 2003, Armonicos has used Spatial 3D software components in the development of its software solutions. The partnership enables Armonicos internal resources to focus on the development of value-add capabilities, rather than CAD translator development, while reducing their time-to-market.

“The ability to import and repair to ensure useable CAD models is one of our key selling points. Consequently, we chose Spatial’s CAD file translation components because they provide the highest quality translation capabilities in the market. They also deliver a high-level of service and support to help us meet the demanding needs of our customers,” said Shigeki Morikawa, the executive director of the Geometry Product Room (GPR). “We are very pleased with Spatial’s continued focus on advancing their CAD translation product line including the addition of product manufacturing information.”

Armonicos provides data translation, inspection, and reverse engineering solutions. spGate is a multi-data exchange platform that reduces or eliminates translation problems commonly encountered when translating between design, analysis, manufacturing, and inspection systems. spGauge is a CAT solution for 3D inspection of industrial products. spGauge enables an accurate inspection by 3D pattern matching the imported point cloud data with the 3D design model. spScan is a reverse engineering system that uses non-contact measurement data and automatically generates high quality surfaces for use in CAD/CAM/CAE solutions.

For more information, visit Spatial Corp. and Armonicos Co., Ltd.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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