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SPECapc Releases Maya 6.5 Benchmark

By DE Editors

A new benchmark for systems running Alias (Toronto, ONT) Maya 6.5 modeling, animation, and rendering software has been released and is now available for download from SPEC/GPC (Warrenton, VA) by clicking here.As reported earlier this month, the Application PerformanceCharacterization (SPECapc) project group demonstrated a Maya 6.5benchmark at SIGGRAPH 2005.

SPECapc for Maya 6.5 is an updated benchmark that reflects the changesAlias made to improve OpenGL performance by switching fromglArrayElement to glDrawElements. The SPECapc group did additionaltuning to streamline the benchmark’s graphics path. The greaterefficiency makes the benchmark less CPU-bound, and will accentuate thedifferences among system configurations.

SPECapc’s current suite includes application benchmarks for 3ds max 7,Maya 6, Pro/E 2001, Solid Edge V14, and SolidWorks 2005. The SPECapcgroup continues to seek additional benchmarks for leading softwareprograms in CAD/CAM/CAE, visualization, and digital content creation(DCC).

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