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SPRING Technologies Announces Version 9.2 of NC Machining Simulation Platform

SPRING Technologies, a vendor of NC (numerical controlled) machine tool productivity platforms, has released NCSIMUL Machine 9.2. The software allows users to control the global machining process, simulate, check, optimize and modify machining programs, detect collisions and release standardized technical content throughout the workshop.

New features in version 9.2 include greater analysis tools, an enhanced composites module and and upgraded user experience.

In the new Composites module, users have access to new algorithms that enable fiber lay-up simulation. This simulation tool takes into account the initial media, the laid material and the roller position. The process then manages the position of the fiber cutting, delivering a realistic display of the complete 3D model of the final part.

The updated user experience features the NCSIMUL Solutions Downloader, a plug-in that allows users to know at all times if their software is up to date and download product updates.

“NCSIMUL Machine is our flagship. We have been developing the solution for 17 years and we progress it with state-of-the-art technology, drawing on our expertise in industry applications, and addressing market needs,” said Olivier Bellaton, managing director of SPRING Technologies. “With Version 9.2, we bring our users the very best technology to automate tasks that deliver no added value, and secure the information, data exchange and tool paths ─ all of this in a 3D graphic environment. Each new version brings us a step closer to SMART INDUSTRY.”

For more information, visit SPRING Technologies.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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