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STAR-SpaceClaim Transfers SpaceClaim Models to STAR-CCM+

By DE Editors

SpaceClaim and CD-adapco announced the immediate availability of STAR-SpaceClaim. This module, developed by CD-adapco for SpaceClaim Engineer, provides native transfer of SpaceClaim models to STAR-CCM+, preserving the data structure, part/assembly structure, naming, design parameters, and more. These capabilities eliminate downstream geometry clean-up, the company says.

SpaceClaim also announced an integration with Lagoa that allows designers and engineers to access Lagoa directly within the SpaceClaim environment.

“Engineers across organizations are using 3D to improve their workflow and end results. Smart technology companies are making it easier for 3D models to move between teams and allow input from many sources to improve designs before production,” said Chris Randles, SpaceClaim CEO. “CD-adapco provides excellent tools for simulation and is making it easy for engineers to apply those tools throughout the design process.”

“SpaceClaim Engineer is an easy-to-use and powerful platform for 3D model pre-processing, making it a popular choice for many of our users,” said Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, Sr., vice president product management for CD-adapco. “We work hard to help our customers compress product development schedules. STAR-SpaceClaim is a big leap forward, providing streamlined workflows and the means to capture important simulation data when it is most useful.”

The partnership with 3D cloud platform provider Lago allows designers and engineers to access Lagoa directly within the SpaceClaim environment, making it easier and faster to produce high-quality images, the company says.

“Lagoa provides photorealistic rendering and visualization-sharing power that adds immediate appeal to web-hosted SpaceClaim 3D models, without requiring extra training,” said Frank DeSimone, SpaceClaim vice president of software development. “The easy-to-use tools and presets will allow our users to design sharable, interactive views of their models for anything from client design reviews to online point of purchase.”

“The critical point of this integration is that it shifts rendering processing from the desktop to the Lagoa cloud,” said Thiago Costa, CEO and co-founder of Lagoa. “SpaceClaim users retain their processing resources for other tasks, without worrying that using Lagoa is adding to the load.”

For more information, visit SpaceClaim, CD-adapco and Lagoa.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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