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Stratasys FDM Vantage X RP System Adds Three More Material Options

By DE Editors

Stratasys(Minneapolis, MN) is offering three more modeling material options andhigher resolution in new version of its FDM Vantage rapid prototypingsystem. The Vantage X has a starting price of $99,000. Concurrent withthis introduction, the base model FDM Vantage i price will be lowered,so systems prices will now range from $85,000 to $195,000.

Besides standard polycarbonate (PC) and ABS plastic, the Vantage Xoffers a PC-ABS blend, PC-ISO, and ABSi options. ABSi offersimprovements over standard ABS, including finer feature detail andsurface finish smoothness. PC-ABS combines the strength of PC with theflexibility of ABS. And PC-ISO is a medical-grade plastic that meetsISO 10993 and USP Class VI material requirements.

The Vantage X is available in “A” or “P” configurations. The Aconfiguration allows the use of ABS, ABSi, and PC-ABS. The Pconfiguration allows the use of PC, PC-ISO, and PC-ABS. Materialconfiguration options let users customize the machine to their specificapplication needs.

Besides the new material options, the Vantage X is said to offer “a significantresolution upgrade for ABS, ABSi, and PC-ABS.” The high-resolutionsetting of 0.005 inch or “5 mil” (0.127 mm) gives users the option ofexcellent feature detail and surface finish smoothness in athermoplastic part.

The Vantage X is scheduled to start shipping in mid February. For further details, visit stratasys.com.

Sources: Press materials received from the company. Meeting with company.


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