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Stratasys Goes Metal

By DE Editors

Stratasys (Minneapolis, MN) announced it will be the exclusive North American distributor of Arcam(Gothenburg, Sweden) rapid manufacturing and prototyping systems.Arcam’s electron-beam melting (EBM) process transforms titanium powderinto solid metal parts for functional prototyping or end use. Alsocalled CAD-to-Metal, the process is used primarily in the aerospace,automotive, and medical implant industries.

“This agreement launches Stratasys into metal-powder systems and closesthe gap so that it can now go head-to-head with almost anyone in theworld of additive fabrication technology,” said Terry Wohlers,president of independent consulting firm Wohlers Associates.

According to Stratasys, which offers entry-level 3D printers throughhigh-resolution, high-productivity systems that build strong plasticparts, the EBM process is five times more efficient than competitivelaser-based metal-fabrication processes. Stratasys also offersprototyping and manufacturing services and patented fused depositionmodeling that creates functional models directly from any 3D CADprogram using ABS plastic, polycarbonate, PPSF, or other materials. Italso distributes PolyJet rapid prototyping systems.

For more information, visit stratasys.com.


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