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NUMECA and FlowKit Forge Strategic Partnership

NUMECA and FlowKit have established an exclusive partnership built around the Lattice Boltzmann code PALABOS.

The new product OMNIS/LB from NUMECA is an exclusive integrated version of the open source code PALABOS, in a monolithic enhanced configuration, with​ a large range of​ functionalities.

The ​OMNIS/LB product is being extended by the partners toward a variety of industrial applications and processes, within the platform OMNIS​ from NUMECA.​

FlowKit Ltd. was founded i by four associate partners originating from the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, and from Geneva University. With backgrounds from fluid dynamics, theoretical physics, bioengineering and computer science, they collaborated to develop ​the Lattice Boltzmann code PALABOS, over more than 10 years, covering today a large range of complex physical applications.​

PALABOS remains open-source and will be further developed by the University of Geneva.

NUMECA International is a developer and provider of Grid Generation, multiphysics ​and ​CFD software systems for analysis and design of industrial products and processes​, with emphasis ​​toward ​domains of turbomachinery, marine, aeronautics, aerospace, energy, chemical processes and multi-physics.

For more info, visit NUMECA and FlowKit.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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