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Suite Built to Model, Simulate and Validate Vehicle Systems in Real-time

By DE Editors

IBM and INCHRON GmbH, a provider of design solutions for embedded systems, together are providing a new software tool suite for the development of complex vehicle systems. With this system, the companies say developers can model, simulate and validate the real-time behavior of electronic control units and systems.

Two automotive suppliers are currently using this software tool suite from IBM and INCHRON: Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. develops electrical systems and electronic control elements with it. In addition, the company conducts analysis with the tool to see how systems react in regard to timing and performance. The Automotive Group of Continental uses the IBM development platform to model and test the different design alternatives right at the beginning of the development process. By doing so, developers are able to integrate the modeled hardware and software on a virtual basis before any effective decision about the real system is taken.

The new software tool suite enables systems engineers to test the behavior of a system, generate code for various target systems, and support the linkages to other development management activities such as requirement definition, analysis and implementation, or the configuration management.

The new offering integrates IBM Rational Rhapsody and the Tool-Suite from INCHRON. IBM Rational Rhapsody is a visual software development environment that helps teams collaborate to understand and elaborate on requirements and to detail them.

The partnership between INCHRON and IBM allows IBM to resell the INCHRON Tool Suite. IBM can offer its clients an integrated solution for model-driven development, which includes the analysis and validation of real-time behavior.

For more information, visit IBM and INCHRON.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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