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Sun Introduces New Open Archive Solutions

By DE Editors

Sun Microsystems (Santa Clara, CA) announced the Sun StorageTek SL3000 Modular Storage Library, which it says delivers up to 50 percent reduction in space and up to 10x energy-cost savings than comparable storage solutions.

These latest additions to its open archive portfolio add a scalable, energy-conscious midrange modular library and fourth-generation fast-access tape drive. Sun also introduced enhancements to archive data security and released a multi-tiered archive appliance that will work heterogeneously with Solaris 10 and other leading operating systems. Developers can download open archive technology within OpenSolaris for free.

Sun StorageTek SL3000’s new technology allows for multiple partitioning options to consolidate existing library assets and offers support for open systems and mainframe environments. Join John Fowler and Jon Benson in an on-demand webcast preview of these new open archive solutions at Sun.

Archive is one of the fastest growing segments of the storage market, fueled by an explosion in unstructured data growth, longer data retention periods, organizations leveraging digital assets for business growth, regulatory compliance, and overall storage optimization needs.

New Archive products launched include the StorageTek SL3000 Modular Library System — the first midrange library with non-disruptive scalability of up to 3,000 slots, the SL3000 delivers up to 50 percent reduction in space and up to 10x power savings over comparable libraries’ the Sun StorageTek T9840D Tape Drives; the Sun Crypto Key Management System (KMS) 2.0, and the Sun Customer Ready Infinite Archive System.

Sun storage hardware and software is heterogeneous and works with all major operating systems including Solaris 10 OS. Solaris ZFS simplifies storage and data management and allows customers to offer data security and integrity, virtually unlimited scalability and automated manageability. Solaris 10 OS with Solaris ZFS is the only OS designed to provide end-to-end check summing for all data, says the company, helping to ensure data integrity.

Sun also recently announced that is has donated the source code for the Sun StorageTek 5800 system, formerly known as "Project Honeycomb," to open source communities.

For more information on storage, please see Sun Microsystems, Inc.


Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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