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Sun Releases New Ultra Workstation lines

By DE Editors

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (San Francisco, CA), today introduced two new Ultra Workstation product lines that offer 32- or 64-bit computing capabilities and multiple operating system (OS) support for a wide range of applications. The Sun Ultra 20 Workstation is equipped with the AMD Opteron processor and the first Sun Ultra 3 Mobile Workstation is based on the UltraSPARC processor. With the Sun Ultra 20, developers benefit from preloaded Java developer tools, and the x64 (x86, 64-bit) dual-core processor from AMD.


The Sun Ultra Workstation is equipped with the AMD Opteron processor while the Sun Ultra 3 Mobile Workstation is powered by the UltraSPARC processor.

The Sun Ultra Workstations are also preloaded with Solaris 10, Sun Studio 10, Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7, and Sun Java Studio Creator 2004Q2 developer tools. It is designed to help customers achieve the highest levels of performance for software development, MCAD, and electronic design automation (EDA). The workstation supports a wide variety of NVIDIA Quadro PCI-Express graphics boards and NVIDIA enforce PCI-Express media and communications processors. The NVIDIA enforce Professional paired with the full range of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs allow designers to create with OpenGL high-performance graphics and support for multiple displays and visualization software.

The Sun Ultra 3 Mobile Workstation is equipped with the UltraSPARC processor. It extends Sun’s SPARC processor-based systems portfolio into mobile computing, helping to enable software developers, government agencies, and system administrators to run the same applications across enterprise servers, midrange servers, workstations, thin clients, and now mobile workstations.

Price: An Ultra 20 configured for MCAD work with a 2.6GHz processor, 2GB DDR400 memory, and an NVIDIA Quadro FX1400 graphics card sells for $2,695. An entry level Sun Ultra 3 Mobile Workstation begins at $3,400. Sun is scheduled to announce availability of Sun Ultra 20 Workstations with dual-core processors later this year. For more information, visit sun.com/workstations.

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