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Sunglass Launches 3D Collaborative Environment

By DE Editors

Sunglass has launched the private beta release of its cloud-based ecosystem for collaboration and sharing of 3D content.


The solution creates a file-sharing environment for social design that is compatible with more than 40 file formats. According to the company, this will allow designers to collaborate, share, and create products and structures by giving them the cloud simulation tools necessary to work together “with anyone, anywhere.”

The Sunglass solution allows users to drag and drop models of any file format into the Sunglass Stage. Once models are in the Stage, Sunglass becomes a rich environment for
social design.

Designers, architects and engineers across the world can simultaneously edit 3D models in an instant, giving real-time feedback through Sunglass chat or by making a call through voice chat. The Stage also supplies a sketch tool for marking and annotating changes directly. Sunglass s co-viewing and editing capabilities are similar to Google Docs. Designers can pull any 3D files from Dropbox into any Web browser, and even make changes on the fly. No plug-ins are required.

The Sunglass Player further simplifies sharing designs across the Web. Transforming 3D models from bulky files, typically difficult to embed, into links that can be shared anywhere on the Web; the Sunglass Player makes displaying designs on the Web effortless.

Designers can use a simple API to share their work via the Sunglass community. Sunglass has also built a utility for cloud-based streaming rendering that cuts down on design time considerably, rendering 3D objects in about 45 seconds.

For more information, visit Sunglass.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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