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Synergis Software Releases Adept 2011

By DE Editors

Synergis Software has released the latest version of its Adept product family. Adept 2011 delivers vault replication, two classes of web clients, and integration with Microsoft SharePoint. It aims to improve global enterprise collaboration on engineering projects while providing a unified view of data and documents to all stakeholders.

“Our vault replication is unique in the industry, enabling customers to replicate only the changes between files "not the entire file "to other sites,” states Scott Lamond, vice president of sales and marketing. “This is a huge benefit to companies who share complex 2D drawings and 3D models across multi-sites.”
Adept 2011 provides transmittal capabilities, updated CAD integrations with AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor 2012, SolidWorks 2011 and MicroStation. Also included is Adept Explorer, a web client that allows users to find, view, print, redline, assign and copy documents.

For more information, visit Synergis Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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