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PAM-STAMP 2018 Debuts

PAM-STAMP provides topology check, clean up and repair features. Shown here is the lower part of a press hardening die of a dash panel. AP&T image courtesy of the ESI Group.

ESI says its end-to-end sheet metal forming simulation solution can help engineers realize lightweight designs using innovative materials.

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Fast-Tracking Safe Autonomous Vehicles with Simulation

With so much autonomous machinery in our lives, we need to ensure that they all safely operate together, so drone-delivered pizzas are not raining on our heads and autonomous cars are not running into robots—or people.

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ParaMatters Releases Autonomous Topology Optimizer

ParaMatters' CogniCAD is a cloud-based, cognitive design platform that is capable of automatically generating additive manufacturing for high-performance, lightweighted structures within aerospace, automotive and other mission critical applications.  

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Why Cloud Technology is Driving the New Automotive Era

Cloud-enabled platforms are transforming how business is done, eliciting greater collaboration and integration within companies—and more interactive experiences with consumers.

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