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FEATool Multiphysics 1.8 is Unveiled

OpenFOAM. CFD solver integration. Image courtesy of Precise Simulation.

The FEATool Multiphysics PDE and FEM Simulation Toolbox version 1.8 from Precise Simulation is now available for MATLAB and GNU Octave, ...

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Elysium Releases Two Software Updates

Image courtesy of Elysium.

Each upgraded release from Elysium includes an enhancement on geometry simplification to achieve significant file size reduction in a fully automated process.

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Altair Debuts Inspire 2018 Software

Structural simulation of mixed solid and lattice optimization results. Image courtesy of Altair.

Inspire 2018 from Altair is available through its solidThinking channel partner network and directly to its HyperWorks user community.

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Altair Debuts Click2Cast at EUROGUSS 2018

Click2Cast enhances the casting process by adding geometry tools specifically for easily creating runners, risers, sleeves, chillers and cooling lines within a single environment, benefiting the entire supply chain in producing casting quickly and economically.

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