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ANSYS Delivers ANSYS 19.1 Software

Latest ANSYS simulation software release said to boost productivity and eliminate product complexity across all physics.

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EnvisionTEC Launches 3D Printing Material

The EnvisionTEC Mega-Chain is a 328-foot chain that was 3D printed in a durable new material, E-RigidForm. Designed by EnvisionTEC 3D Builder Robert Montes (upper left and lower right), the chain features 6,144 links, each measuring 1.5 inches. The print job was processed with support from colleagues Erica Finkowski (lower left), Josue Nunes (upper right) and Jason Spurlock (not shown). Image courtesy of EnvisionTEC.

E-RigidForm from EnvisionTec is reportedly a strong, durable material suitable for end-use products and comes in amber and charcoal. The new material is being displayed in a 328-foot chain that was 3D printed in one piece on an EnvisionTEC Xede 3SP.

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Stratasys Spins Off New STEP technology and Forms Evolve Additive Solutions

STEP technology delivers additive manufacturing with cost-per-part and surface quality in line with traditional manufacturing, along with X, Y, Z directional strength and mechanical properties that rival injection molding, Stratasys reports.

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New Options to Access CES Selector

Three new product options are now available from Granta Design: CES Selector Team, CES Selector Enterprise and CES Selector Project.

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