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Developing Sensor Fusion Algorithms

Combining the technologies of sensors and algorithms to perform sensor fusion opens the door for more sophisticated services for consumers—but it also presents new challenges for design engineers.

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Live Panel Discussion: Breathing Life into Digital Twins: March 14, 2017

Time-stamped temperatures collected in the field, user heart rates accumulated in health monitoring devices, acceleration data captured by smart vehicles--there's a wealth of wisdom in sensor-captured data, but working with it requires special knowledge and tools. In this LIVE roundtable, DE's Kenneth Wong moderates a panel of experts to discuss: Determining the right data, frequency, and amount to collect to prevent information overload; linking sensor data to CAD models to create digital twins; and conducting system simulation with sensor data.

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Sensors Transform

New printable inks allow sensor providers to manufacture ultra-thin devices in a range of sizes, shapes, and lengths. Shown here is Interlink Electronics’ FSR 402 Short Force Sensing Resistor, which has a 12.7 mm diameter active area and is available in four connection options. Image courtesy of Interlink Electronics.

New materials are changing the form and function of the technology.

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