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Webinar: See How Cummins Deployed System Simulation and Gained a Competitive Edge, May 31, 2018

Whether you work for a supplier or an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you can join this May 31 webinar for a live testimonial by Rohit Saha, senior technical specialist at Cummins Integrated Power (leading manufacturer of diesel, natural gas, hybrid and electrified power solutions); examples of system simulation implementation by industry leaders; the added value of deploying a large-scale system simulation approach; engineering challenges that can be addressed with Simcenter Amesim™ software.

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Frustum Makes Available TrueSOLID for Generative Design

TrueSOLID from Frustum delivers multi-part assembly topology optimization, advanced optimization modes and kernel-integrated mesostructures (lattices) to design lighter, stronger and more efficient products, the company reports.

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Roadblocks Slow the Digital Twin Race

Digital twins will give Hendrick Motorsports the speed and agility to make competitive design changes. Images courtesy of Hendrick Motorsports.

Companies are proceeding with caution on the digital twin journey, slowed by varying interpretations of the technology, the complexity and the lack of a packaged tool set.

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Frontloading CFD Is a Win for Business

Image courtesy of Mentor.

Being able to simulate flow and heat analysis in our projects helps us show customers early in our relationship how our product design suits their needs and do so in detail.

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EMI Simulation Advances

An example of a printed circuit board layout. Image courtesy of ANSYS.

An increase in embedded electronics and IoT devices is spurring the use of electromagnetic interference simulation.

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