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Vendors Push Parts Reuse to the Next Level

Aras Innovator can directly import/export SysML models and replicate their structure inside the PLM platform, promoting reuse at a systems level. Image courtesy of Aras.

CAD and product lifecycle management platforms are being modernized with parts classification, Google-like search, and systems modeling capabilities to promote model and parts reuse.

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Live Panel Discussion: Breathing Life into Digital Twins: March 14, 2017

Time-stamped temperatures collected in the field, user heart rates accumulated in health monitoring devices, acceleration data captured by smart vehicles--there's a wealth of wisdom in sensor-captured data, but working with it requires special knowledge and tools. In this LIVE roundtable, DE's Kenneth Wong moderates a panel of experts to discuss: Determining the right data, frequency, and amount to collect to prevent information overload; linking sensor data to CAD models to create digital twins; and conducting system simulation with sensor data.

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CAD vs. System Modeling

HBM-nCode SystemModeler

Drag-and-drop user interfaces and automation makes system modeling, test automation and data analysis more accessible to CAD users.

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