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Tech Soft 3D Announces HOOPS Communicator v2.0

Tech Soft 3D’s HOOPS Communicator v2.0 extends the company’s solution for enabling web developers to add 3D CAD viewing and interaction into their new or existing Web applications and services. This latest release adds additional interactive viewing features, offers a server-side rendering option, and includes a new API to connect 3D CAD data with business intelligence information.

Users can convert, interrogate and share data from more than 20 CAD formats to access model intelligence, including assemblies, parts, model structure, PMI and meta-data. All formats have been updated to the most current CAD versions.

HOOPS Communicator’s new APIs allow developers to link  external information of any type to the 3D model and enable this data to drive the 3D view and interaction. The solutions includes a series of feature-rich view/mark-up applications including a zero-client browser application and native apps for iOS and Android. With Web applications that support a server-side rendering mode, CAD data can be intelligently viewed on virtually any device, the company says.

Developers can customize the viewing experience by adding and modifying HTML elements in a browser.

“HOOPS Communicator has already helped many of today’s leading cloud solutions easily add advanced 3D, powering a new wave of solutions for engineering software developers,” said Tech Soft 3D vice president of products Gavin Bridgeman. “With this new version, we’re continuing to make it easy for web developers with little or no 3D experience to add world-class visualization, with a startling minimal effort required.”

For more information, visit Tech Soft 3D.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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