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Techno CNC Plasma Accessory Released

Techno announced its newest CNC Plasma Accessory: the TechProbe Digitizer. The new digitizing probe mounts easily to any Techno CNC plasma machine, the company says. The TechProbe software can digitize an object with simple or complex geometric shapes. Input the object, scan-area dimensions and desired step-resolution into the software, and the program automatically collects the data. Most of the software’s default settings, such as speeds and resolutions, will not have to be reconfigured.

Techno Plasma

Digitized two-dimensional objects are generated onto the screen in a field of automatic toolpath points. The software allows users to view the scan through its active-preview window. Parts can be imported into CAD/CAM plasma design software for revision or the data can be immediately cut without any revision, modification, or manipulation.

For more information, visit Techno.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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