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TechViz Releases TechViz XL and TechViz Turbo

By DE Editors

TechViz (Paris, France) announced TechViz XL, which accelerates and displays your OpenGL applications through a PC Cluster, on any multi-screen visualization system with Tracking and Stereo capabilities. The company also announced Techviz Turbo — a solution enabling you to accelerate the display of the whole of your 3D applications without modifications.

Benefits of XL include an unlimited quantity of display or projector, support of Windows and Linux PC (mixed configuration is supported too), and any 3D OpenGL application is supported (CATIA, PTC, Maya). Techviz XL is said to transforms your 3D software (CAD software, DCC tools etc.) into a collaborative solution and immersive platform. This means that application development or 3D data migration delays are suppressed, thus speeding up product design process.

The solution Techviz Turbo enables you to use easily and in all transparency a cluster of PCs in order to move it in super graphic calculator. It accelerates your 3D applications without any modification. Users can take any PC from the TechViz Turbo cluster and use it as a standalone workstation for maximum flexibility.

Each PC will bring its computing power, allowing you to work on huge 3D databases without more concern than with a simple workstation. Techviz Turbo is compatible with all the standard PC and graphics cards under Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Linux.

A commodity hardware based 3D graphic super calculator, TechViz Turbo helps you avoid any data conversion or migration to other applications. You can upgrade image quality and software interactivity, accelerate your display, optimize OpenGL, dynamic load balancing, lossless data compression, etc.

TechViz Turbo lets you increase the number of anti-aliasing samples without any performance limitation, there is no delay when switching from a workstation to TechViz Turbo, it is possible to regularly update graphics cards and/or whole PCs; and more.

To try it out, register at TechViz.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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