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Tektronix Showcases New and Enhanced Optical Test Solutions at ECOC 2013

Tektronix will showcase a range of optical test and measurement products at ECOC 2013 in London, September 23-25. On hand will be the new AWG7000 series arbitrary waveform generator.

“Tektronix has launched a number of exciting new technology measurement solutions, that help our customers deal with new challenges in high speed serial, optical, photonic and communication system designs,” said Dean Miles, technical marketing manager at Tektronix. “We are looking forward to showing off these new solutions at the show.”

The AWG7000 offers bandwidth on demand by generating wide bandwidth signals at baseband, IF and RF frequencies up to 20GHz, with greater than -80 dBc dynamic range. With up to 16 GSamples of waveform memory, it can generate unique signals that are long enough to simulate real world environments.

The OM4000 optical modulation analyzer series offers automated test support for 400G multi-carrier coherent optical modulation. This software option can reduce test times for researchers working on 400G and faster coherent optical systems while providing the flexibility to define carrier count, carrier spacing and modulation formats.

The new PPG3000 Series Pattern Generators and PED3000 Series Bit Error Detectors feature multi-channel pattern generation with channel-specific data programming for critical margin testing on standards like 100G Ethernet, which require up to four channels.

The company will also demonstrate its range of PHY layer test solutions: eye diagrams and jitter performance, stressed receiver testing, crosstalk and BER tests and optical modulation analysis.

For more information, visit Tektronix.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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