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The Tricorder May Have Arrived

There are so many fantastic gadgets coming out of CES, it’s hard to keep up, but one announcement that immediately caught our attention this year is Scanadu’s Scout, a functioning Star Trek-style tricorder for tracking human health.

According to engadget, the redesigned devices are now shipping out to backers, despite manufacturing difficulties.

The devices record body temperature, heart rate, oximetry, ECG waves, heart rate variability, pulse wave transit time, and stress levels, and the company even offers a home urine analysis solution called Scanaflo.

Unlike the fictional tricorder, the Scout actually has to touch you; specifically, you place it on your forehead. It’s loaded with sensors that can analyze your vital signs. The information is stored in a smartphone app.

Scanadu is also participating in Qualcomm’s Tricorder XPRIZE competition.

Source: Daily Mail

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