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Theorem Adds 3D GD&T Capability to UGNX

By DE Editors

Theorem Solutions(Loveland, OH) announces the immediate availability of its latest UGNXSTEP translator, incorporating 3D geometric dimensioning andtolerancing (GDandT) capabilities. 3D GDandT data, sometimes knownas product manufacturing information (PMI) or model based definition(MBD) data, is regarded as increasingly important in the PLM arena,especially where 3D geometry is shared with manufacturing facilities.

The new CADverter is the result of a project commissioned by PDES Inc., which is the international industry and government consortiumaccelerating the development and implementation of the standard for theexchange of product model data, better known as STEP. Throughout thedevelopment, Theorem worked in close consultation with both Boeing andPratt and Whitney, which supplied production parts for early testingof the software’s ability to accurately exchange data between differentCAD/CAM and PDM systems.

The CADverter meets this need and conforms to the STEP AP203 Edition 2standard, including translation of colors, layers, 3D annotations,validation properties, externally referenced files, and now GDandT.According to Theorem, it is the fullest implementation of the AP203 E2standard by a commercial translator currently on the market.

While several companies are thought to be developing GDandTfunctionality in their STEP interfaces, Theorem’s is the firstavailable. As a result, Theorem’s UGNX STEP AP203 Edition 2 processoris a valid solution for companies with UGNX design systems, who arealso doing business with the US Department of Defense. The DoD nowrequests that engineering data be submitted in digital format, ideallySTEP, and it encourages the use of STEP for the storage of legacy data.

For further information, visit theoremsolutions.com.

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