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Theorem Makes Available Visualization Experience App

Theorem’s launched Visualization Experience app for use on augmented, mixed and virtual reality devices (forming part of their Digital Realities product family) has been designed and developed to be device agnostic. Whether it is a holographic display, tablet or a VR device, the same application will run on any.

When considering augmented, mixed and virtual reality, all three technologies have benefits.

For Theorem’s Visualization Experience, the data you prepare is created once and it can be used on any of the devices. It doesn’t need to be created specifically for virtual reality, augmented reality or Mixed Reality.

“One of the things that Theorem recognizes is that each device has different capabilities and capacities, and so some devices require the data to be optimized more than others.” Stuart Thurlby, CEO of Theorem, explains. “We have ensured that data and device neutrality is there, which will protect your initial investments even as the technologies and devices develop and change.”

To learn more, visit Theorem.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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