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ThermoAnalytics Releases Software Version 10.5

ThermoAnalytics has released RadTherm, RadThermIR, MuSES, and WinTherm 10.5.

User-defined part, element, and vertex IDs can be imported from mesh or neutral files to maintain numbering schemes with CAD data and other CAE applications. Part IDs and Part Names can now be directly searched using the Part Selector. Geometry can be appended or replaced based on Part ID, with several new options for resolving Part ID conflicts.

A new specular surface condition type has been added which allows simulation of directional solar energy reflecting off of mirror-like surfaces. Specular surfaces can absorb energy based on the emissivity and can also be applied to transparent parts, which allows energy to be transmitted. A new specular surfaces accuracy setting has been added which provides a trade-off of runtime versus accuracy of the specular reflected energy.

The summary table search feature can now perform queries on a single boundary condition or all boundary conditions. Multiple searches can be applied simultaneously for complex queries on boundary condition sets.

MODTRAN v5.2r1 is now integrated with the application for BRDF calculations and requires a separate installation and license. This new version of MODTRAN provides accuracy improvements and reduces run-times for shorter wavelengths.

The Human Thermal Module predicts human physiological response based on interaction with the surrounding thermal environment. With the latest release of the module, users can now choose from a set of predefined setpoints for use with the Berkeley Comfort Model.

For more information, visit ThermoAnalytics.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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