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Think3 Announces New Software Partner Program

By DE Editors

Think3, Inc. has announced its WW (Worldwide) Software Partner Program for software editors and developers. The global program is open to all who are interested in doing business with think3 and its customer base.

The software partner program will offer our customers complimentary products from the company’s existing range plus add-on products like FEA, CAM, CAE, visualization software and more. The company will also be offering customers product development tools. ThinkDesign runs on unique technology and proprietary kernel.

ThinkDesign product design software was developed on the company’s proprietary kernel “thinkcore.” Think3’s GSM (Global Shale Modeling) technology helps reduce product design time, according to the company. Thinkdesign also offers complementing technologies, such as zone modeling, ISM (Interactive Solid Modeling) target driven designs, hybrid modeling, and smart objects.  

“We are inviting Software editors and developers to join us to avail the excellent opportunity of the Software Partner program today,” says Silvano Joly, xxecutive VP think3. “We value our partners and believe that they play a key role in establishing business for think3. We look forward to consolidating our presence in the CAD/PLM market focusing on our core technology and on each space while offering a wide and certified range of add-on modules and complementary solutions both for the CAD and PLM to our target segment.”  

For more information, visit think3.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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