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TI Integrated Piezo Haptic Driver for HD Touchscreens

Texas Instruments has introduced a highly integrated piezo haptic driver for high-definition (HD) consumer, automotive and industrial touchscreen applications. The DRV2667 features a digital interface, integrated 15-V to 105-V boost converter, power diode, and 40-V to 200-V peak-to-peak (Vpp) fully-differential amplifier, resulting in a complete single-chip solution size that is less than half the size of competitive solutions, the company says.

It also features an I2C controlled digital playback engine that relieves the host processor from haptic effects generation.

The integration of digital waveform generation, high-voltage drive, and 2kB of RAM eliminates the need for external components, and allows the DRV2667 to store and instantly recall haptic waveforms. The digital interface and a 2-ms startup enable a faster haptic effect response time, and a more realistic HD tactile, the company claims.

The evaluation module is supplied with a user guide and includes a fully programmable MSP 430G2553 Value Line microcontroller, piezo actuator, sample waveforms and capacitive touch buttons for stand-alone and in-system evaluation.

For more information, visit Texas Instruments.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.





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