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Titan Robotics Debuts 3D Printers at Rapid+TCT 2018

Titan Robotics’ Pellet Extrusion 3D printing technology and a new fast 3D printer were on display at RAPID + TCT 3D in Fort Worth, TX, in late April.  Titan debuted a new, fully Yaskawa servo controlled 3D printer, printing at speeds reaching up to 5Gs acceleration.

Custom Atlas 3D printer powered by Yaskawa. Image courtesy of Titan Robotics.

Custom Atlas 3D printer powered by Yaskawa. Image courtesy of Titan Robotics.

Titan Robotics demonstrated direct pellet fed 3D printing on the Atlas in a heated enclosure at RAPID, enabling printing with a wider range of materials. Sample parts demonstrating the expanded capabilities of Pellet Extrusion on the Atlas were on hand, from the soft, rubber like materials up to high performance materials, including 50% glass filled nylon and 50% carbon fiber filled PEI.

Titan Robotics teamed up with motion control experts, Yaskawa America.  The system combines Titan’s expertise in large-format additive manufacturing technology with Yaskawa’s motion control systems. The machine’s advances are achieved through technology that is new to the field of additive manufacturing, and was drawn from automated industrial machinery.

The new printer, developed in a cooperative effort between Titan and Yaskawa, can achieve a printing speed of 350 mm/second. When moving between print events, the print head can travel between two precise points at 1 meter/second.

“We’re really focused on having an accurate, robust machine that can do big parts really quickly and reliably, over and over again,” says Clay Guillory, Titan founder and  CEO.

The new line of Titan 3D printers uss Yaskawa’s servo systems and machine controllers, components more commonly found in automated factory equipment. Real-time feedback and automatic monitoring features are then enabled through Titan’s interface, giving the operator increased control and repeatability in 3D printing.

“I think this is a sign that we’re seeing the industry rise to the next stage in its development,” says Kevin Barker, director of sales for Yaskawa’s Motion division. “We’re seeing companies like Titan enter the top tier of the business.”

For more info, visit Titan Robotics and Yaskawa.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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