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Transducers Direct Announces Bluetooth Enabled Sensor

Transducers Direct has created a TDWLB pressure/temperature sensor that is powered by a coin-cell battery and can be controlled with a smartphone app. It is also Bluetooth Smart, allowing users to gather measurements up to 150 feet through a cellphone or iPad.

TDWLB sensor

The TDWLB sensor from Transducers Direct.

The TDWLB is ideal for home automation, industrial, marine and commercial applications. It is available in two different compensated accuracy of 1 and 0.25%, with the option for temperature sensing. It uses a time-to-digital converter to measure the duration of a captive discharge.

The sensor is all digital, which eliminates the need for mechanical components, wear parts, analog circuitry and setpoint drift. It relies on digital circuitry to provide an 18- to 24-month battery life and redundant sensing. Additionally, this all-digital design eliminates the need for amplifiers, filters or amplified noise, the company states.

“Beta testers of the TDWLB — whether dentists, welders, bar and mall owners, HVAC OEMs or boat owners — have told us this will save time, equipment damage, and wasted money for unneeded service, downtime, premature refills, etc.,” said Rob Matthes, president of Transducers Direct. “The pressure of any fluid can be monitored from vacuum to 10,000 psi. A/C contractors can read refrigerant pressures without clumsy gauges, bars can monitor their gas cylinders, homeowners can monitor their own A/C refrigerants, water or swimming pool lines, inspectors can check line pressures remotely.

For more information, visit Transducers Direct.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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