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TURBOdesign Suite 5.2.2 Now Shipping

Advanced Design Technology (ADT) announced that TURBOdesign Suite version 5.2.2 is now shipping.

The main new features included in the update are related to additional capabilities of TURBOdesign Pre, major improvements to TURBOdesign Volute, additional performance parameters for design in TURBOdesign1 and automatic optimization in TURBOdesign Optima, and a major new feature in TURBOdesign CAD.

TURBOdesign Pre includes an extension of the 1D sizing and modeling capabilities to include radial inflow turbines; the code supports multiple stage configurations including vaned and vaneless nozzles.

Additional control parameters have been implemented in TURBOdesign1 and TURBOdesign Optima to allow for design and optimization of high efficiency and ready-to-manufacture turbomachinery blades.

TURBOdesign Volute’s code capabilities have been extended to include asymmetric volutes, and major developments have also been made to the geometry output to ensure smooth surfaces ready for meshing, the company says.

New developments in TURBOdesign CAD include capabilities to ensure constant blade angles sections for blade extrapolation and strict trimming requirements. Additional visualization options for three-dimensional impellers have also been implemented.

For more information, visit Advanced Design Technology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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