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Turn Intel Dual Core PCs into Real-Time Modeling Engine

By DE Editors

ETAS Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI) released v3.0 LABCAR-RTPC (Real-Time PC) software allowing an Intel dual core PC to become a high-performance, real-time engine in order to run precise driver, vehicle, and environment simulation models.

LABCAR-RTPC consists of a software CD that provides Ethernet communication between a single core or dual core (Core 2 Duo) PC and ETAS’ LABCAR I/O hardware, as well as a Linux real-time operating system. LABCAR-RTPC, combined with a dual core PC, allows tasks such as model processing and hardware communications to be carried out in parallel streams, decreasing the overall processing time to less than500ms for a standard 8-cylinder engine ECU.

LABCAR-RTCP allows CAN I/O to be connected to the PCI bus of a PC, so it is possible to simulate highly complex engine, transmission, chassis, and vehicle dynamics together with highly complex communications on the remaining CAN bus bandwidth.

Virtual testing, aka HiL testing, for embedded software offers automotive development engineers many benefits compared with in-vehicle testing. Software bugs can be found earlier in the development process, instead of during the more expensive vehicle testing phase. Virtual simulators also allow engineers to bench test software in hot, cold, or high altitude conditions, and software testing can be fully automated and more thorough.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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