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Two-Man Electric Multicopter in the Works

e-volo, a German company that last year launched the first manned flight of its VC1 electronically powered, vertical take-off multicopter, is now preparing a two-man version of its Volocopter, the VC2000.

German officials plan to create a new aviation category to allow the craft to fly in the country’s air space. According to a release from e-volo:

The relevant organizations, namely the German Ultralight Aircraft Association (DULV), the German Sports Aircraft Association (DAeC) and the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) will work together with the project team of e-volo on the creation of a new manufacturing specification for the Volocopter, including legal regulations (where and when the Volocopter has permission to fly), and the training specifications for future pilots of the Volocopter.

The company hopes to begin test flights by mid-year.

The VC1 proof-of-concept Volocopter achieves its ascending force and stability from the 16 propellers on the vehicle. It has an empty weight of 80kg including batteries. According to the company, the Volocopter does not require any mechanical pitch control.

The current version of the craft can fly for just 20 minutes, but the company hopes to take advantage of advancing battery technology to extend flight times to one hour or more. The two-seater version is being developed as a hybrid electrical craft with a range extender (a combustion motor).

You can see the first manned flight of the VC1 in the video below:

Source: e-volo

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