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TYAN Creates Virtual Booth at Supercomputing ’09

By DE Editors

TYAN, a server platform provider that is part of MiTAC International Corp., has announced its Supercomputing ’09 Virtual Booth. Five high-performance computing  and cloud computing platforms are being introduced in the TYAN SC’09 Virtual Booth, which was co-created by TYAN and Intel.

TYAN Creates Virtual Booth at Supercomputing ’09

Visitors can virtually experience an array of TYAN HPC related platforms via the TYAN SC’09 Virtual Booth, which is being streamed live online during SC’09. 

There are five areas inside of the SC’09 Virtual Booth to showcase TYAN products and share TYAN success stories. All visitors can view the products section of the Virtual Booth to learn about TYAN’s latest product information. TYAN is focusing on products designed for both HPC and cloud computing applications, such as S7016, S7017, S7025, FT72-B7015 and YR190-B7017. All these products support two Intel Xeon 5500 series processors and provide PCI-E Gen2 x16 slots for GPU or high-speed networking adapters. TYAN FT72-B7015 is a specialized design for HPC and virtualization applications that supports up to eight GPU/graphic adapters. TYAN S7025 supports up to four GPU/graphic adapters and has successfully passed the NVIDIA Tesla C1060 and S1070 certification process. For customers looking for high computing density, TYAN YR190-B7017 offers dedicated power supply per node, expandability, and serviceability.  

Visitors can learn about Intel latest technology and product information at the INTEL technology section. At the success cases section, visitors can learn about TYAN’s success stories, including its track record on TOP500 list. Visitors can also access the press room and promotion sections for TYAN’s press releases and promotion programs. 

For more information, visit TYAN’s SC’09 Virtual Booth.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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