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UnionTech Debuts PILOT Commercial Series

Shanghai Union Technology Corporation (UnionTech) has launched its PILOT commercial series of stereolithography equipment, which is targeted for additive manufacturers.

The PILOT 250 will feature a 250x250x250-mm platform, while the PILOT 450 series offers a 450x450x400-mm build platform. The PILOT series features open design for materials and build preparation software and reportedly has the “industrial strength” capabilities of UnionTech’s RSPro production series. Typical features include scan speeds up to 12 m/s, layer thicknesses as low as 0.05 mm, and accuracy of +/- 0.1% over part length.

Similar to the RSPro production series, the PILOT series of SL equipment features key components from suppliers including Spectra-Physics, American Optowave, SCANLAB and Panasonic. Robust construction details include a granite recoater frame, closed loop control of key operating parameters, pump fed refill capability and a high efficiency vacuum recoating system.

While the SL process is capable of directly producing prototypes across a spectrum of toughness, temperature resistance and strength and stiffness for fit and function evaluations. There are broader ranges of stereolithography applications that include prototype tooling for injection molding, patterns for investment casting to create near net shape metal parts and metal plated composites capable of die cast metal properties that can be developed with a single piece of equipment.

For more info, visit UnionTech.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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