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USBee Protolyzer Combines Electronic Prototyping with Built-in Test Tools

By DE Editors

CWAV, Inc. has released the USBee Protolyzer, a configurable electronic prototyping platform with a range of analog and digital test equipment in a single PC-connected device. 

With a single USB connection to your PC, the USBee Protolyzer gives engineers the ability to design, prototype, test, and validate mixed signal electronic designs.

Each USBee Protolyzer has a dynamically configurable Debug Center with a library of components including Op Amps, logic gates, tri-color LEDs, buffers, filters, ADCs, DACs, counters, and multiplexers to use during device development.  It also includes traditional prototyping features such as a solderless breadboard, power supplies with regulated 5V, 3.3V and variable reference voltages, SPDT switches, push buttons, LEDs, Sine/Triangle/Square wave generator, UART to PC COM port interface, variable resistors, DIP switches and more.

The USBee Protolyzer uses the debugging capabilities of CWAV’s USBee Suite software.  The combination gives mixed signal analyzing capabilities as well as I2C, SPI, Async, 1-Wire, CAN, USB, I2S, and custom protocol decoding.

“Engineers typically have four things on their bench while developing electronics: Their device, test equipment, prototyping components and their PC,” says Tim Harvey, president of CWAV.  “Since the USBee Protolyzer combines the prototyping and test equipment, you can take your electronic design from concept, through prototyping, firmware development, debugging, and validation on one easy-to-use platform.”

The USBee Protolyzer is available in two versions: The USBee AX Protolyzer and the USBee DX Protolyzer. The USBee AX Protolyzer features the dynamically configurable Debug Center with the traditional prototyping features mentioned above.  The USBee DX Protolyzer includes all of the features of the USBee AX Protolyzer, plus an integrated USBee DX Logic Analyzer/Oscilloscope/Signal Generator (2 Analog x 16 Digital channels) to provide simultaneous signal generation and oscilloscope/logic analyzer operation. 

The USBee AX Protolyzer and USBee DX Protolyzer are priced at $945 and $1,995, respectively

For more information, visit CWAV.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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