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Verisurf Releases AutoSurface for its Reverse Engineering Software

By DE Editors

Verisurf Releases AutoSurface for its Reverse Engineering Software
Verisurf AutoSurface.

Verisurf Software (Anaheim, CA) has introduced AutoSurface for its reverse engineering software, Reverse. The new feature enables automatic creation of complex shaped surfaces from point clouds with a single mouse click. Users can then output a solid or surface model compatible with such CAD systems as AutoCAD, CATIA, Inventor, NX, Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks.

Verisurf Reverse offers a set of tools for cleaning up, organizing, filtering, projecting, and other tasks that make reverse engineering easier and faster, according to the company. Using Reverse, you can convert a mesh, surface, or solid model that can then be used for manufacturing or inspection purposes directly. AutoSurface extends Reverse by providing the ability to use meshes to create surfaces and boundary curves with as few commands as possible.

“The result,” explained Verisurf President Ernie Husted in a press statement, “is a comprehensive collection of surfaces, the number of which automatically adjusts according to the complexity of the mesh and the desired level of surface detail.”

Verisurf AutoSurface is automatic. No curve network is required. With a single button command, users can import points, pointclouds, or STL meshes and get the surface model. All shapes, primitives, free forms, and open and closed volumes are supported in Reverse.

Verisurf Releases AutoSurface for its Reverse Engineering Software

"Using Verisurf," said Andy Solis, Production Manager for Tri-Tech Precision, in a testimonial accompanying the Verisurf AutoSurface announcement, “we go from laser scans to accurate CAD models in a fraction of the time of any other software that is available."

Verisurf Reverse with AutoSurface functionality is part of the Verisurf application suite that allows users to accomplish the entire product cycle of scanning, meshing, auto-surfacing, solids generation, measurement, machining, and inspection within a single operating environment and using a single file.  For more information, visit Verisurf Software.

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