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Verne Global Delivers hpcDirect, an HPC-as-a-Service Platform

Verne Global, provider of optimized, secure and 100% renewably powered data center solutions, has launched its new hpcDIRECT service. hpcDIRECT is a high-performance-computing-as-a-service (HPCaaS) platform, built to address intense compute requirements. hpcDIRECT provides a fully scalable, bare metal service with the ability to rapidly provision the full performance of HPC servers, the company reports.

hpcDIRECT is accessible via a range of options, from incremental additions to augment existing HPC, to supporting processing requirements with petaflops of compute. This can be used for applications such as computer-aided engineering, grid computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

hpcDIRECT is available with no upfront charges and can be provisioned rapidly to the size and configuration needed. hpcDIRECT clusters are built using the latest architectures available including Intel’s Xeon (Skylake) processors, and fast intercore connectivity using Mellanox Infiniband and Ethernet networks, with storage and memory options to suit customer needs, the company reports.

For more info, visit Verne Global.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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