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Vero/SURFCAM and CGTech Announce Software Integration

Vero Software, developer of the SURFCAM software for programming CNC machine tools, and CGTech announced that the two companies have integrated their products, allowing CNC programs developed by SURFCAM to be simulated and optimized using VERICUT.

“We are pleased to partner with CGTech to provide our customers with a direct link from SURFCAM to VERICUT for NC verification and machine-simulation,” said Peter Marton of Surfcam. “By simulating the actual g-code on a computer without using the actual machine tool, SURFCAM users will be able to analyze the final output to the machine tool, before cutting their parts, to ensure the highest quality of g-code and maximizing throughput.”

“The SURFCAM/VERICUT combination provides a comprehensive programming solution which helps to prevent programming errors from being forwarded to the shop floor–thus avoiding material scrap, machine tool damage and wasted time,” said Bill Hasenjaeger, CGTech’s product marketing manager. “Machine tool advances in recent years, with the associated increase in CNC machining process complexity, have made accurate machine tool and cutting simulation a requirement.”

Utilizing a menu inside of SURFCAM, the interface creates all the VERICUT session files. Setup information, including tools, NC programs, and stock location, is automatically sent to VERICUT in the proper orientation. Users can continue to work in SURFCAM to create NC programs while VERICUT verifies a different NC program. The SURFCAM-to-VERICUT interface is available from CGTech.

For more information, visit CGTech and Vero Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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