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ViewCafe 4 Adds Live Document Conferencing and New Format Support

By DE Editors

Spicer Corporation(Kitchener, ONT), a developer of document viewing software, announcedthe release of ViewCafe 4, featuring new Live Document Conferencing.When integrated to ECM or PLM systems such as FileNet, Hummingbird, andMatrixOne, Spicer ViewCafe lets users access hundreds of differentonline office document, CAD drawing, and model formats from a centralfile repository, add a markup session, and then return the documentwith annotations and comments for others to review.

ViewCafe 4 provides a real-time collaboration hub where team memberscan participate in live document conferencing. According to a Spicerpress release, attendees can access the same document simultaneously,chat, and share a view-and-markup session, regardless of geographicallocation.

Benefits include quick display and document interaction, an ability toarchive Web conference Chat Notes and other markup commentary to bestored and managed within the document management system for audittrail and compliance regulation purposes, an expanded symbol librarythat includes a new set of ISO standard hazard symbols for detaileddocument tracking and identification, new measurement tools that helpusers estimate CAD drawing specifications (even during an onlineconference), and a new 3D toolbar that allows users to easily switchbetween display modes.

ViewCafe 4 also introduces support for several new formats, includingSolidWorks 2005 Drawings 2D, SolidWorks 2005 Parts and Assemblies 3D,PDF 1.6 (Adobe Acrobat 7.0), JT 2.0 Model, AutoCAD 2005, and AutoCAD2006.

The ViewCafe Server is available for Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003,Windows XP, and Red Hat Linux 7.2. ViewCafe has pricing options forfixed, enterprise, and OEM licensing. For more information or to tryViewCafe’s online demonstration, visit spicer.com.

Sources: Press materials received from the company. Additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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