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VISTAGY Announces New Airframe Design Environment

By DE Editors

VISTAGY, Inc.(Waltham, MA), a provider of specialized engineering software,announced the release of the Airframe Design Environment (ADE), thelatest member of VISTAGY’s family of off-the-shelf specializedengineering environments powered by EnCapta. According to the company,the software is the first-ever application integrated into commercialCAD systems that is specifically tailored to designing andmanufacturing airframes.

ADE enables aerospace engineers to capture all essential non-geometricinformation related to parts or fasteners, as well as automateairframe-specific design and manufacturing processes, in order tocreate complete 3D digital product definitions of components andassemblies. As a result, says a press release, manufacturers in theaerospace industry can more efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectivelydevelop aircraft structures.

The ADE supports model-based definition (MBD) initiatives and offerscomplete functionality for capturing all types of data, materials, andmethodologies specific to airframe design including assembly hardwaremodels; joints, including the characteristics of the interface-likeelectrical conductivity, material compatibility, loads, and joiningprocesses; fasteners, automating fastener definition through access toa fastener library; and process requirements like hole specificationsand manufacturing instructions.

The software feeds all this information to downstream applications bygenerating data for ERP, procurement, manufacturing, and qualitydirectly from the 3D definition, enabling clear and accuratecommunication throughout engineering.

All software applications powered by EnCapta, including the AirframeDesign Environment, operate within CATIA V5, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, andNX CAD systems. The ADE is currently available to all global customers.For more information, please visit vistagy.com.

Sources: Press materials received from the company. Additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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