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VISTAGY’s Seat Design Environment 2009 Automates Engineering Process

By DE Editors

VISTAGY, Inc. has announced the release of Seat Design Environment 2009 (SDE), which provides a 3D master model of the trim cover from the earliest stages of design to manufacturing by enabling seat cover manufacturers to bring flat patterns that have been altered with 2D editing software back into the 3D CAD model. This master model definition can be used to automatically update engineering and manufacturing data to create a faster, more precise process for delivering seat covers to market.

The traditional 2D-based seat trim cover design and manufacturing process requires a significant amount of translation and verbal communication to transfer data between numerous people and software packages. Creating documents, such as drawings, bills of materials (BOMs), cost assessments, and sewing instructions, is a manual, error-prone task that requires frequent data re-entry.

Previous versions of SDE have always provided a way for data and documentation—such as flat patterns, costing information, sew reports and BOMs—to be automatically created from a 3D CAD master model. But SDE 2009 enhances the master model by providing an environment integrated into commercial CAD systems where geometric and non-geometric information can be captured within a single 3D CAD model throughout the entire design process; from initial generation of flat patterns to final detail design as required for manufacturing.

SDE 2009 also provides enhanced capabilities for communicating design information, generating documentation, simulating production, and defining seat covers.

For more information, visit VISTAGY.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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