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Visual Technology Services Launches ParaView PDF3D Plugin

By DE Editors

Visual Technology Services has announced a ParaView PDF3D Plugin that enables both technical and managerial staff to create and share graphically enriched, animated, 3D PDF technical reports. The tool can be used for generating reports from large scientific data sources in various formats as supported by ParaView.

The ParaView PDF3D Plugin is a component based on PDF3D technology for exporting ParaView 3D scenes to 3D PDF files. Supporting export of spreadsheets, 2D charts, 3D scenes, it allows users to automate the creation of 3D technical reports through Python scripts for batch production.

Features of ParaView PDF3D Plugin include conversion with a file-save 3D PDF icon, conversion of 2D spreadsheet table data to PDF, creation of multi-page PDF reports by appending or merging various visualizations, and animation sequences of transient data or moving slices. Other features include highly compressed 3D representation using PRC-HCT or U3D encoding, animation playback in PDF with variable speed VCR toolbar, full colormap texture representation, colorbar legend annotation, automatic multiple view-point creation for PDF scene navigation, and 3D axes cube annotation with floating 3D labels.

The PDF3D ParaView plug-in is available for both 64 bit Windows and Linux operating systems, as a binary ParaView package or as a configurable development kit. The Plugin creates compressed, interactive representations of ParaView visualizations, with optional AES256 encryption methods that enable secured data sharing through email to anyone with Adobe Reader.

For more information, visit Visual Technology Services.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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